A Quarantined Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we’re obviously in Quarantine, so what do you to do thank your mom for all she has done for you? Spa Day, of course. Right now, she’ll appreciate the pampering. Let her kick back, close her eyes and relax. Here are all the things you’ll need to make your mom feel special.

  • Face masks– Face masks help your mom feel like she’s really in the spa. They will make her feel like a new person. You can choose from many places. The good news is that they can be cheap and there are many kinds. There are clay masks, mud masks, hydrating masks, detoxifying masks and many more. You can also get some that smell like fruit. I personally love the masks at target. You can get individual ones for $1.99 or bottles of them for $15.99. Here’s the link to them if you’re interested. https://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=face+masks
  • Spa Music– Spa music will seal the deal. It helps making the experience more realistic. There’s a great playlist on pandora. https://www.pandora.com/genre/spa
  • Cucumbers– If you cut up thin slices of cucumbers to put on your mom’s eyes she will laugh and enjoy the refreshing feeling. You can cut up the rest of the cucumber and put it on a platter with other cut up fruit like apples and bananas or you can cut up some cucumber to put in her water. She might also enjoy some guacamole and chips.
  • Orbeez- Your mom could dip her feet and hands in Orbeez. You can massage her hands and feet and then paint her toenails and fingernails.
  • Nail Polish– You could paint your mom’s nails her favorite color. She will enjoy the gesture, and it will be fun. And maybe after you paint hers, you could paint yours.
  • Hair Brush– You could brush you mom’s hair and make it silky smooth. She would enjoy the treatment. You could massage her head while she was doing that.
  • Diffuser– You could diffuse lavender. This will help your mom fully relax. Lavender will fill the room and help finalize the spa feel.

Hope your mom has a great Mother’s Day!

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Our blog about what we’re doing during this rough time.

2 thoughts on “A Quarantined Mother’s Day

  1. Hi there Elena & Michael!

    I LOVE this! What great ideas! I might see if Papa will indulge me…although NO WAY will be paint my toes!!! Boy, could they use it, though. A refreshing facial on this almost 67 year old face would do wonders…

    I love & miss you guys so much! You are the sweetest kiddos ever!

    I know you’re taking great care of your Mom and I love u for being who u are!

    Please pass on a hug to your Mom & Dad for me as they, too are very special people I miss very much.

    Have a wonderful day! Grandma Y

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