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Kids in Covid… and how we’ve coped with the corona virus

Lemon Bars

During the quarantine, we’ve been baking a lot. Recently, my Grandma gave us about 10 lemons. We looked up a recipe for easy lemon bars to make. We found an easy, simple, and delicious one at laurenslatest. Let me just say that my entire family loved them. We made a double recipe and froze someContinue reading “Lemon Bars”

Pumpkin Bread

We made pumpkin bread today! I will put a link to to the recipe we followed at the end of this post. In addition to the recipe, in one loaf we added raisins and in the other we added chocolate chips (thanks Grandma Yvette)! I wish I could bottle the smell while they were bakingContinue reading “Pumpkin Bread”

Online School Survey

Yesterday, Michael and I sent all of our friends a survey asking how life what home was while stuck inside. We also asked about how online school was. We got responses from kids from many different age groups (4-16). If you want to see what they said, just simply click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0YfORfEiXZyl4YZK1menhLDF8MZ3SL23Y4YHnOSCzLUi-KA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 40.9% of theContinue reading “Online School Survey”

Activities During Covid19

Elena Hi. It’s Elena again, so that you don’t get confused thinking it’s Michael. I’ve been learning more how to bake during this time period. I’ve made peanut butter cookies, pancakes, blueberry french toast bake, and pumpkin muffins. My grandma will soon be sending me a cheesecake recipe. I’ve also been working on a projectContinue reading “Activities During Covid19”

Bodega Bay

When all of these crazy things about the coronavirus started, my family (including Michael and I) decided to visit Bodega Bay for the weekend. We went and this lady named Kathy gave us 10 loaves of bread to feed to the Seagulls on the beach. It was so fun! Thanks so much, Kathy (and momContinue reading “Bodega Bay”

Kids In Covid

Hi my name is Elena. My brother Michael and I share this website. We are finding life at home during this time period pretty boring, but are finding ways to cope. I’ve been baking something fierce though. In this blog you will find some of the things we have been doing while we have noContinue reading “Kids In Covid”

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